Credit monitoring & surveillance workspace

MuniRisk™ for Portfolio Managers makes credit analysis more efficient than you thought possible.

  • Track hundreds of obligors and pinpoint credit outliers quickly — use heatmaps and credit indicators to anticipate potential risks 
  • Move from high-level to deep dive credit analysis quickly using full data that's linked to and organized by each obligor for you
  • Assess relative value quickly with one-on-one comparative analysis and peer benchmarking tools
  • Enable your credit teams to handle greater volume easily by eliminating manual data gathering — access complete municipal data coverage  

Comprehensive research and analysis = true intelligence.  Eliminate unknowns, improve client prospecting, and make better use of your credit research staff.  

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  • Credit research application built on complete municipal market coverage backed by data from Bloomberg and MuniRisk
  • Intuitive design driven by portfolio managers, analysts, traders
  • Eliminates data entry enabling better use of credit staff


  • Unprecedented municipal market coverage backed by data from Bloomberg and MuniRisk
  • Complete financial data on over 48,000 obligors and 127,000+ individual fund accounts
  • 30% more disclosures than available on EMMA
  • Full security master, transaction, and valuation data
  • Full economic and demographic data, all mapped back to county, MSA, state, and national performance
  • Sector-specific operational data mapped back to obligors


  • Monitor portfolios and watch lists, assess new issues, evaluate bid lists 
  • Pinpoint credit outliers using early warning indicators
  • Unlock true relative value through comparative analytics:  One-on-One or Peer Group functionality
  • Heatmaps and graphical overlays let you visualize layered risk quickly
  • Standard credit report enables on-the-go research


  • Bloomberg shortcut keys embedded for efficient access to high value muni functions:  DES, RELS, CF, YTW, YTC, YAS, BUY, SELL, BVAL, TDH, MBWD


  • Connect with MuniRisk™ Community via IB
  • Interact over single data platform with clients and counterparties
  • Generate ideas, drive debate, execute trade tickets