Frequently asked questions

How do I access MuniRisk™?

MuniRisk is available exclusively to subscribers of the Bloomberg Terminal® at {APPS CREDIT <GO>}.

Can I access a free trial of the application?

Yes, just head to the MuniRisk storefront within the Bloomberg App Portal at {APPS CREDIT <GO>} to run a trial.  You can also email us, and a member of our Client Support team will assist you.

How much does MuniRisk cost?

MuniRisk pricing is based on individual user.  It costs $750.00 per month.  To learn more, contact us or run {APPS CREDIT <GO>} on your Bloomberg Terminal®.

I'm interested in purchasing multiple licenses for my company.  Do you have different pricing in place for these situations?

Please contact us.  We would be happy to discuss.