Credit underwriting workspace

MuniRisk for Analysts makes credit research more efficient than you thought possible.

  • Eliminate manual data gathering by accessing complete municipal data coverage — financial, economic, demographic, sector-specific, and market data — all in one place.   
  • Move from high-level to deep dive credit research quickly using full data that's linked to and organized by each obligor for you.  
  • Stay on top of watch lists, new issues, and bid lists with a heatmap and credit indicators to anticipate potential risks.

Finally, a credit-focused analytic tool that thinks like you.  Access all the data you need in one place.  Conduct full credit surveillance while covering hundreds of names.  Analyze credits faster.  Generate reports at the touch of a button.

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  • Unprecedented municipal market coverage backed by data from Bloomberg and MuniRisk
  • Complete financial data on over 48,000 obligors and 127,000+ individual fund accounts
  • 30% more disclosures than available on EMMA
  • Full security master, transaction, and valuation data
  • Full economic and demographic data, all mapped back to county, MSA, state, and national performance
  • Sector-specific operational data mapped back to obligors


  • Comparative analytics via One-on-One or Peer Group functionality
  • Visualize trends and relationships between data types using heatmaps and graphical overlays
  • Monitor watch lists, new issues, or bid lists — don't get blindsided by credit
  • Standard credit report enables on-the-go research
  • Pinpoint credit outliers and seamlessly move from high-level to deep dive research with all up-to-date data right at your fingertips
  • 360-degree credit underwriting — instantly review financial, economic, demographic, sector-specific operational, and market data
  • Cut research down to minutes vs. hour 


  • Bloomberg shortcut keys embedded for efficient access to high value muni functions:  DES, RELS, CF, YTW, YTC, YAS, BUY, SELL, BVAL, TDH, MBWD


  • Connect with MuniRisk™ Community via IB
  • Interact over single data platform with clients and counterparties
  • Generate ideas, drive debate, execute trade tickets