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MuNIRISK™ Data Sets & Expert Commentary

MuniRisk™ is the first and only source of complete transparency into all state and local governments and municipal issuers.  Instead of having to go individually to 30 separate sources for that full picture of an issuer, we pull all of that data into one central location for you.  As a result, we can offer analysis (verbal or visual) and commentary on anything down to even the smallest issuers and obscure regions.  

Members of the media, please email with any data or commentary requests or dial +1 (212) 209-0831.

Topics We Cover

We can provide data and/or expert commentary on any of the following topics:

  • Public finance / municipal finance and investing
  • State and local government, budgetary issues
  • Municipal bankruptcy / defaults 
  • Headline-leading topics (e.g., Illinois, NJ)
  • Smaller or lesser known, yet newsworthy, issuers 
  • Public pensions
  • Economic trends (e.g., housing, employment and labor, income)
  • Demographics (e.g., demographic profiles for states, counties and cities)
  • Specific sectors (e.g., healthcare, airports, higher ed, school districts, transportation, utilities)



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