Webinar: Expert Economic and Credit Insights from PNC and Stifel - August 16

Regional economic & municipal market update: What's impacting your bank or insurance company portfolio

Webinar: Game Changing Tools for Municipal Risk Evaluation - February 3

Date:  Friday, February 3
Time:  2:00pm EST
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Recent structural changes, negative credit events and evolving political policies have all played their part in increasing volatility of credit spreads within the municipal market. In 2017, fundamental analysis will become more important than ever as issuers face multiple headwinds.  As the market evolves, will you? 

The Bloomberg App Portal and MuniRisk Ltd are proud to introduce MuniRisk and the MuniRisk Community. 

This webinar will outline credit solutions for addressing risks resulting from the changing municipal landscape.  Learn how you can stay ahead of the competition: access MuniRisk alongside other muni solutions on Bloomberg.

MuniRisk™ is a world-class credit application being designed by market practitioners for market practitioners. By providing access to all data and opening up pathways for greater industry dialogue and idea generation, MuniRisk™ is on a trajectory to be a true game changer for the municipal market.

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