Replay for Connecticut Outlook Forum

For those of you who missed the live event on October 30, watch the replay at:

Panel 1:  When Politics Meets Muni Market Forces (~13:00)

Heather Gillers, Journalist, The Wall Street Journal (Moderator)

Hon. Luke Bronin, Mayor of Hartford

Chris Foster, Founder & Head of Product, MuniRisk™


Panel 2: Discussion on Connecticut’s Outlook

Larry Kudlow, Contributor, CNBC (Moderator)

Susan S. Bransfield, President, Connecticut Conference of Municipalities & First Selectwoman, Portland, CT

Hon. David Walker, former U.S Comptroller General


About the Event:

In-depth insight and analysis of Connecticut’s fiscal outlook for your business and investment decisions. The state of Connecticut is facing fiscal challenges that have business leaders and bond investors needing to see further around the corner than usual. On October 30, 2017, the Connecticut Outlook Forum gathered state leaders with some of Connecticut's largest taxpayers and most active bondholders to share insights on the state's outlook. In addition to an in-depth analysis of the municipal market forces at play, the forum, co-sponsored by MuniRisk™, explored the hard facts and sentiments that surround Connecticut's fiscal outlook.

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