Rethink Municipal Credit Research

Decision-making is tough without a 360-degree view. But that's how the municipal bond market operates today — blindly — using research solutions that offer a fraction of the data needed for true credit analysis and strategic risk assessment.

MuniRisk reinvents municipal credit research by providing access to all data, opening up pathways for greater industry dialogue and idea generation.



Finally, a Municipal Credit Workbench That Thinks Like You


MuniRisk™ is the first and only municipal credit research platform that delivers complete market coverage.  The application reinvents fundamental credit and relative trade analysis by bringing full transparency to the municipal market. By delivering actionable market intelligence to users, the application eliminates data challenges.  Now, portfolio managers, credit analysts, traders and more can bypass data entry and focus instead on the actual credit risk monitoring and deep dive research needed to bring transparency to the market.

No more surprises.  No more unknowns.



Something for Everyone


MuniRisk™ is designed for use by multiple player profiles, offering everything from portfolio-level surveillance and monitoring to credit underwriting to relative value analysis and reporting.  

Focus on the features that help you meet your day-to-day objectives.



Access all the data you need in one place.  Cover hundreds of names.  Analyze credits faster.  Generate reports at the touch of a button.

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Quickly isolate and identify attractive offerings. Conduct relative value analysis on a bid list or pinpoint outliers in portfolio holdings to maximize returns.

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MUNIRISK™ FOR Portfolio Managers

Eliminate unknowns.  Pinpoint credit outliers quickly.  Move from portfolio-level analysis to deep dive credit analysis seamlessly. Improve client prospecting.

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